martes, 6 de febrero de 2018

Hastings (UK)

25 Students of 3º ESO and 1º BTO went to the United Kingdom, to a place called Hastings. Here you have a sumary of our trip.

Aquí tenéis un breve resumen del viaje que han realizado los alumnos de 3º de ESO y 1º de BTO a Hastings en el Reino Unido.

1. 28th January.  Zaragoza - London by plane 

A bit late but we had a very good welcome.

2. 29th January. First day at school and visit to the Old town and the Fishermen Museum

3. 30th January. Visit to Rye.

4. 31st January. Visit to Hastings museum and Hastings Pier.

5. 1st February. Visit to Brighton.

And also a nice meal all together.

6. 2nd February. LONDON.

7. 3rd February. Back home.

Thank you very much!!!